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2012 Wisconsin Film Festival: Sunday

Posted by Erik W on Apr 22, 2012 11:59 PM

Dog Sweat

Cool fictional Iranian film, that followed stories of several young individuals dealing with being gay, arranged marriages, sex, feminism, and drinking. The most incredible part was that it was filmed in secret in the city of Tehran, getting caught would have most surely gotten all involved with the film making in trouble. It could have been cut a bit tighter, but with what they had, it turned out to be a pretty good film.

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Policeman (Ha-shoter)

Not sure what to think of this Israeli film about a counter-terrorism group taking on young radicals. There was a lot of background and build up at the beginning that seemed irrelevant when the action started to happen. For example: There was a lot about the main policeman's pregnant wife, but it didn't really matter because he was never put in danger. You never thought, "Oh man, if he dies his wife is going to have to raise that baby alone!". He carried 3 machine guns. The kid he was after was scared, had no idea what he was doing, and carried a small pistol.

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