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Jul 4 '11

Links that have gotten me through WPF

WPF is a quick and easy platform for building desktop applications, but has it's drawbacks, especially when it comes to it's treeview or drag and drop. My sentiments are best described in somebody else's hilarious rant: Why is the TreeView so useless?

As far as i can tell, all major software from MS (Visual Studio etc) that has a tree view, has this standard behavior. The selection changes to the one you just right clicked on. And yet you (MS) somehow shipped the latest and greatest WPF TreeView that doesnt do that. Ok fine, i will do it myself... Oh wait, i can't because i can't manually set the selected item without doing 3000 back flips. --Paul Tham

A Versatile TreeView for WPF

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Programmatically Selecting an Item in a TreeView

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Drag and Drop

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