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Feb 28 '11

Wisconsin State Republicans

I don't know how how much more disgraceful the Wisconsin State Republicans can get with Assembly Bill 11 from the January 2011 Special Session.

First they try to vote without the democrats present on February 18, 2011:

Then on February 25th, 2011 they call for a vote so fast that most of the Democrats can't even get back to their seat to vote:

It's shameful and pathetic, regardless of your stance on the bill. They have the votes, so why do they need to resort to shady tactics?

The 2011-2012 Republican State Representatives are: Tyler August, Joan Ballweg, Kathy Bernier, Garey Bies, Edward Brooks, Mike Endsley, Paul Farrow, Jeff Fitzgerald, Mark Gottlieb, Scott Gunderson, Mark Honadel, Michael Huebsch, Andre Jacque, Dean Kaufert, Samantha Kerkman, Steve Kestell, Joel Kleefisch, John Klenke, Joe Knilans, Dan Knodl, Bill Kramer, Scott Krug, Mike Kuglitsch, Dean Kundson, Tom Larson, Daniel LeMahieu, Amy Loudenbeck, Howard Marklein, Dan Meyer, Jeffrey Mursau, John Murtha, Stephen Nass, Lee Nerison, Scott Newcomer, John Nygren, Alvin Ott, Jim Ott, Kevin Petersen, Jerry Petrowski, Warren Petryk, Don Pridemore, Keith Ripp, Roger Rivard, Roger Roth, Karl Roy, Erik Severson, Richard Spanbauer, Jim Steineke, Jeff Stone, Patricia Strachota, Scott Suder, Gary Tauchen, Jeremy Thiesfeldt, Tom Tiffany, Travis Tranel, Robin Vos, Leah Vukmir, Chad Weininger, Mary Williams, Evan Wynn

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Jul 14 '09

Public Enemies

Public Enemies


Public Enemies. What a horrible movie. I don't even know where to start. Poor character development, bad writing, bad acting, slow editing. But none of that bothered me as much as the actual physical quality of the film. I'm pretty sure they filmed it on one of the new iPhones, or something. The sound echoed horribly, there was no depth in the shots, the quality was poor, the lighting was awful (are they in a football stadium or was that supposed to be the moon light?), and what was with all the shaking? Was the cinematographer having a seizure?

If you (heaven forbid) decide to go pay $10 to see the movie, I would hope the only reason is to see how many Wisconsin locations that they filmed at you can recognize.

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