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May 7 '08

I'm not exactly sure what to click

I got this prompt today when dragging a file from a zip file in Windows XP:

Move or Copy?


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Dec 15 '06

Remote Linux GUIs on Windows

As a computer science major, I obviously do a lot of work on the computer. However, sometimes the projects I do require special software only available at the computer science (L)UNIX lab.

I usually don't like to work at the computer lab, because it's cold, dirty, and usually there is somebody there who isn't up-to-date on the latest hygiene products.

This software, however, is usually graphical, so it's not as simple as SSHing in.

That's when I discovered Cygwin/X, a program that allows me to remotely use the grahical software from the computer lab, right at home!

It's a little difficult to setup and run at first, so I setup this little tutorial.


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Nov 25 '06


Apr 5 '06


Jan 1 '02

Repair Icons

Once in a while, Windows screws up all the icons, and you have problems like a Recycle Bin icon for "My Computer". That is easy to fix. Here is a short tutorial on fixing the problem.


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Dec 2 '01

Reformatting Windows 95/98/ME

Why reformat? There are many reasons why you would want to reformat your computer. The main reason is that throughout years of computer use, a whole bunch of files pile up on your hard drive, and you want to get rid of everything and start over, which boosts performance. You also might want to upgrade your operating system, or just want to remove everything off your computer before you donate it somewhere, or give it to your friend.


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Dec 2 '01

Windows 95/98/ME Boot Disk With CD-ROM Support

Here is a simple tutorial I wrote up about creating a boot disk with CD-ROM support for Windows 95/98/ME.


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