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Jul 12 '09


Apr 8 '09

New on my blogroll: Music

Added two new blogs to my blogroll. Two local music blogs by people that have similar tastes as me (anything that's not top 40): 88.9 Radio Milwaukee Soundboard and UW-Madison's Wisconsin Union Directorate Music Committee.

If you're looking for other ways to discover music, try podcasts: IndieFeed and All Songs Considered are two really good ones.

Not entirely sure why I'm adding more blogs, because as it is I can't keep up with the 72 ones I already read, but I get to discover cool new music like this:

Wiley - Wearing My Rolex (What Would We do)

I hope to post a more in-depth entry on some new music I discovered, but you'll have to do with random YouTube embeds for now.

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Mar 21 '09

Facebook Comments

Hello All--

Just a short post to let everyone know they can now post comments to my entries using Facebook. It's safe and easy! (So no excuses to not to comment more often)

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Jan 20 '09

I'm Back!

Sorry for the lack of postings, dear reader. Don't worry, I haven't abandoned this website.

The past few days have been hectic between the holidays, moving, and obtaining Internet access.

Postings will resume sometime this week!

p.s. I upgraded my version of MovableType, so let me know if anything appears out-of-whack.

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Jun 7 '08

Now I've Seen Everything

Sorry about the lack of updates. I just started a new job, and then my computer decided to stop working and I had to reinstall Windows. But I'm all good now, and regular updates should follow.

Now, for your viewing pleasure:
Monkey riding a Dog

Yes. That is a monkey riding a dog. Spotted at the Harvard, IL Milk Days. Now I've seen everything.

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Feb 22 '08

Happy Birthday Website!

It's been 10 years since I launched the first version of my website on February 22nd, 1998 over at GeoCities. That's actually a month before Kottke launched. Imagine if I actually had something interesting to talk about back then, and kept it up! You can read a history of the development of this website over at the about page. Right now, there are 554 entries with 64 comments.

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Nov 8 '07

Website Updates

Hello all! I made some updates to my website today, some you may or may not notice:

Now that school is slowing down, I should be posting more. Let me know if you have any comments/suggestions!

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Jul 2 '07

Redesign, Again

Yup. I got bored with the old layout. Needed something new, something different than all the other websites out there. And something to help me procrastinate my other web projects. Let me know what you think. I'll probably be tweaking the padding and spacing... well... forever.

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May 13 '07

Website Updates

I made a few changes around the website today (a.k.a. putting of studying math). First off, links I post are now integrated with the rest of the website, both on the main page and the feed. I didn't do this originally because I didn't want to overwhelm user's RSS readers with links... but the links are pretty cool anyways and always worth checking out :) So, if you are subscribed to both my main feed and link feed, you can get rid of the link feed.

I also hopped on the twitter/ bandwagon. (on the right side of the main page) I thought I'd give them a try. And who doesn't want to know what song I'm listening to right this moment? They are also included in my archives page.

In related web-updating news, Facebook and Google Analytics made a couple changes too.


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Nov 17 '06

Media Temple Server Migration

I recently migrated to the new Media Temple Grid Server from my old and soon to be phased out 'Shared Server' plan over there.

Unlike normal hosting plans where you are placed on one shared server, my website is now hosted off a cluster of servers. This is an excellent idea, as I have had problems on shared servers in the past with other people writing crappy scripts and brining down the server I was on.

The migration process simply required the click of a couple buttons and less than 5 minutes of downtime, and went very smoothly. I was grandfathered into my old price (with just a little less bandwidth and storage than advertised) which was nice as well.

Now I have all the features of the Grid Server including the new (and improved... I love it!) control center, subversion, latest versions of LAMP and MySQL, and the protection of the grid.

The only downside was the path to my files changed, but it only took a few minutes to fix those in my scripts.

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