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Got My Wii Back

Wii BrokeSo. My Wii broke. Well, not broke, but I was seeing more and more green artifacts on the screen to the point that it got quite annoying. A quick Google search found that many people were having this problem. Apparently (not confirmed by Nintendo) it was because in standby mode, with wireless setup, my Wii was "phoning home", but not turning the cooling fan on resulting in a baked graphics card. Since I had my Wii for less than 90 days I sent it in for a free warranty repair. It took about 2 weeks, but I finally got my Wii back. With the console I got a note: "After thoroughly testing your Nintendo component, we could not duplicate the problem you were experiencing... [but] we have replaced the component that may have caused the problem you experienced". Which was the whole console. And luckily "Your user information has been loaded into your new/repaired unit". Which was nice of them. Although I'm pretty sure this isn't a brand new Wii, because the serial number is smaller than my original. They're probably playing some Wii swapping game. But no more green artifacts. So I'm happy. And from now on, I'm turning my Wii ALL the way off at night.

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Nintendo WiiI'm probably the last person to give the Wii a try and write about it, but if you haven't had the opportunity feel free to read on.

I went over to a friend's house who recently purchased a Wii and we popped in the game Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz because it has several mini-games you can play with multiple people in a tournament fashion.

As everyone knows by now, the Wii has a unique controller that is motion sensing. It knows if you roll the controller left/right, tip it up/down, move it toward/away from the screen, left/right, or you can use it like a laser-pointer and point on the screen what you want.

Some games required a "nunchuck", which was a second controller you plug into the first and hold in your other hand. It had similar motion sensing.

It had a steep learning curve. Not that I don't know how to move a controller up and down, but almost every one of these mini-games had a different way to move. Some were natural movements, others were not so intuitive.


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