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This American Life

As some of you know, perhaps 14 years late, I've been getting obsessed with "This American Life", the radio show, as I listen to the archives.

For those not familiar, it's a weekly radio show where Ira Glass, the host, picks a theme then presents stories about that theme, usually in 3 acts.

One of my favorite episodes of the show is "Somewhere in the Arabian Sea", arguably one of the best, funniest, and unique news reports on the 'War on Terror'. If you have not heard an episode before, I think that would be a solid place to start.

Some of my other favorites are "Act V", "My Big Break", "Matchmakers" (especially the last act), and heck, any episode from the past 10 years I've listened to has been really good.

Now, I have to admit I didn't get started on This American Life via the radio show, but the TV Show on Showtime. A friend of mine introduced it to me last year, and I was quick to hop onto Netflix to stream the rest (which you apparently can't anymore?).

Season 2 of the TV show is out on DVD (but only at Borders? Stupid.) and this week The Onion AV Club had an interview with Ira Glass, which, I really wish they posted the audio to because I really enjoy Ira's story telling

While IMO, not as good as the radio show, Season 1 of the TV show was quite a treat, and I'm looking forward to whenever the DVD of Season 2 is available on Netflix. In the meantime, every Monday I look forward to the next radio episode.

Added 2/4/09: It looks like Kottke is on the Ira kick too, and posted a couple of links to some interviews.

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My Favorites (2006)

I have sat down and finally compiled some lists I have been trying to for a long time: Favorite books, TV shows, movies, and musical artists. Not necessarily things from 2006, but just what I like at this point in life. The items in the lists are in no particular order (that would have been too hard). I hope to reevaluate these in a year and see how my tastes have changed.


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Ben Karlin

Ben Karlin
Ben Karlin, executive producer of "The Colbert Report" and "The Daily Show" came to speak at The Union tonight. He was formerly the head writer of "The Daily Show" during the transition over to Stewart. and editor of "The Onion". Where did he graduate? That's right. UW-Madison.

He gave a good (and funny) talk. And the best part? A pre-recorded intro clip from Jon Stewart. And this wasn't some general all-purpose introduction. He said good evening to Madison f'in Wisconsin! And made fun of the city of Sheboygan. "'Sheboygan'? Now you're just making sh-t up!" And a clip by Stephen Colbert concluded the speech. He wasn't too fond of our funny sounding city names either -- not American enough. His solution? He renamed the cities. Fond du Lac just became Fondue. "This is America's daryland" he said, "How come no one thought of that?"

You really would have had to been there.

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UW on Adult Swim



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