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Jan 13 '08

Heavenly Mountain at Lake Tahoe

I just got back from Heavenly Mountain at Lake Tahoe CA/NV. Wonderful trip, and probably the hardest skiing I've encountered so far. I also want to take this opportunity to point out that The Block Hotel is overrated, and their website makes it look significantly better than it actually is.

Anyway, here are a few pictures:
IMG_0512 IMG_0506
Heavenly Mountain, Lake Tahoe Heavenly Mountain, Lake Tahoe
Heavenly Mountain, Lake Tahoe The Block Hotel at Tahoe

And a sweet video is coming soon. You'll be calling me the next Warren Miller ;)

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Jan 14 '07

Ski Trip to Steamboat, CO

I just got back from my skiing trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It was a lot of fun!

View of the Hill The Condo

The big downside to the whole trip was the 24-hourish bus ride there and back. I was not impressed at all with the bus company our school choose (Cavallo). First off, they were late on both the trip there and back. They were also unprepared (didn't bring tire chains for a trip to COLORADO), disorganized (winged the route as they went), and just didn't think ahead (ended up doing stuff like taking 3 short stops within an hour or so for driver change, gas, and food instead of planning it better and taking 1 long stop and doing it all)

But I had a great time skiing... which was the reason for the trip. This was my first trip out west, so I don't have any other basis for comparison, but I thought the hills were great. The runs were long, diverse, and challenging. I tried to hit all 165 trails throughout the 5 days that I skied, and I think I got them all besides a couple of the insane double-black diamonds. I have never been as exhausted as I was skiing in Colorado. The easier runs in Colorado were comparable to the hardest ones in Wisconsin. The weather was also beautiful-- between 30 and 36 all week. I usually ended up taking off layers of clothes during lunch.

I just had such a great time! I just wish it snowed more during the week. I enjoyed the natural powder... something I don't have the pleasure of skiing on here.

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Jun 27 '06

Chicago Pride

OnlookersThis past weekend I went to visit a friend of mine in Chicago, and Chicago Pride happened to be going on so we decided to check out the parade on Sunday.

It was quite the spectacle. It was approximately 3 hours long... and that was without any gaps between the floats. The types of floats were a lot more diverse than I had expected. While the media makes the parades out to be like all stereotypes there are of the LGBT community, it was a lot more.. sophisticated than that. All the local news stations had floats with their news anchors riding on it, many big companies such as Starbucks, Pepsi, and Miller Lite had floats, as well as several politicians.

Candy wasn't the main item thrown from the floats as per your 'normal' parade. Almost every float had beads (I caught about 30) and many of the bigger companies threw their products from their float. I caught things such as a bag of coffee from Starbucks, a bottle of Juice from Naked, and a bag of chips from Frito Lay, and a mix cd from DJV.

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Jun 18 '06

New York Tip

Apple StoreI just got back from my week trip to New York with the family. Spent a lot of time with the family, but some highlights were the new Apple Store on 5th Ave: A store design that was more like an art gallery than a store. Probably one of the coolest stores I've ever been in, Times Square, Central Park, Museum of Modern Art: Unfortunately too much to see in just the few hours that we had there, NBC Studio Tour: The SNL set is a LOT smaller than it looks, and Phantom of the Opera: I almost got a couple of obnoxious middle school girls sitting behind me kicked out. It was funny. The house manager was going to get the police if they didn't shut up.

Now, I got a bajillion of emails to catch up on. Econ class starts tomorrow and I go back to work.

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Jan 6 '06

Lutsen Mt Ski Trip

The skiing trip was great!
Couldn't have been a better way to spend time with some of my best Kronshage friends.

Team ACE wins again! View of another hill

Madison in 5 days.

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Nov 12 '05

LDI Trade Show & Conference

ETC Booth

I just got back from the LDI Trade Show & Conference. It was really cool. I learned a lot about the newest in theatre technology, and they treated you with respect, regardless of age.

Some of the cool technology showcased:

* Tapered Top Hat by Apollo
* SeaChanger Color Changer for ETC Source 4s
* All of the LED lighting instruments
* LED Products by Main Light Industries (like the stuff used by U2)
* The Vista Lighting Board by Jands -- This had to be the coolest, most powerful, easiest to use lighting board I've ever seen. I want one.

... there was a lot more. I have a huge box full of brochures and such I got.

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Jun 26 '05

Chicago Trip

Rebel Robots

Wired NextFest

On Saturday, I went to NextFest on Chicago's Navy Pier.

Some of the cool things I saw:


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