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10 Things I like about Office 2007

I recently had the pleasure of trying Microsoft Office 2007. I like it. I like it a lot. It follows the same "dumbing down" of the interface as Windows, but it doesn't leave me searching for the button to put it back. In Windows, I want to tweak all the features to my liking so I can make it perfect for me and my uses. But In Office, I just want to write my damn paper/slideshow/spreadsheet and have it look good.

Here are 10 things that stood out to me in the new Office 2007. No particular order.

1) No More Menus


That's right! Clicking on the items on the top such as "Insert", "Page Layout", etc change the buttons that are available instead of dropping down a menu. You can mouse over each of the icons for more details on what the function does. The new groupings of icon sets then sub-icon sets ("Tables", "Illustrations", etc) help find things significantly faster.


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