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Jul 4 '11

Links that have gotten me through Silverlight

I have been developing Silverlight applications since version 2.0, and link dump of all the sites that have gotten me through all the quirks and bugs:

Silverlight Plug-in Error Messages

Where's your leak at? ... which lead me to ... ChildWindow memory leak

Creating and Handling Faults in Silverlight

Navigation Framework and Uri Routing

Breaking changes in Silverlight's navigation

Silverlight: Controls inside ScrollViewer - horizontal resize layout bug and related workaround ... sad there was never a workaround to the AccordianItem Content Resize Bug

Silverlight Wrappanel

Silverlight ComboBox control and data binding

Un-select item in listbox

Silverlight Control Styles and Templates

Tim Heuer's Silverlight Blog

Building an Observable Model in Silverlight

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