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Dec 13 '07

Erik's Ski Resort! Finally Done!

This final project kept me up the last two nights, but now I can finally rest :) Yay!

Ski Resort

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Dec 11 '07


Nov 13 '07

My Monorail

Well ladies and gentlemen, THIS is what had consumed over 40 hours of my week this week, but it's finally done! (and I am now a happier person)


It may look basic, but everything is done from scratch. The curve is actually calculated mathematically by me and composed of many many little straight lines. The objects were all created with primitives (squares, triangles, lines). And the rotation calculations were also done by hand (no using pre-existing libraries).

I didn't get all the features done I wanted to (like arc-length parametrization and some simple physics), but I think I did enough to give my grade a little boost.

You can download my program if you'd like to try it out. Let me know if it doesn't work... I might need to add more things to the zip file.

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Oct 23 '07

std::cout <<"Hello World\n";

Sorry for the lack of updates... for anyone that still visits. I've been busy programming image manipulation software, studying technical Japanese, Helping kick off the Hoofer Ski and Snowboard Club, and planning Homecoming Week (this week!).

Everything will die down starting next week, then I will be back to reading my regular amount of newspapers/magazines/books/blogs and sharing whatever I find interesting (and I hope you do too).

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May 24 '07

Endless Fear

I just wanted to share my final project from my film production class with everyone.

It was filmed using 16mm silent black and white reversal film and a Bolex camera, and edited on Final Cut Pro. It explores how the editing process can build up suspense in a scene.

The clip shows a similar chase sequence 4 times, building on different elements each time (different shots, different angles, faster cutting, sound effects, and music).

Within the sequences, it also explores differences in film speed, depth of field, and hand-held vs tripod shots.

My film was shown in the "Spring 2007 IFVC Show", which showcased some of the best work from all of the film classes in the Communication Arts department this semester.

(The sound syncs up in real life. The sound is a little slow in YouTube. Also, it's silent at first... so don't crank up your speakers or think they aren't working.)

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Mar 25 '07

The Chase

I present to you the very first film I've ever created. In my media production class I'm fortunate enough to be able to work with actual film (who hasn't done digital video on a computer?), so this was an excellent learning experience.

This was filmed with a spring-wound Bolex camera on 16mm black and white reversal film. It took me 200 feet of film to get all the footage I needed, and took about 5 hours to edit down (by hand... with scissors and tape) to about the 60 foot (two minute) narrative we were required to do.

Editing Flim by Hand Editing Film by Hand

I was more worried about the exposure settings on the camera that some of the continuity of the clip isn't what I would have liked, but it's a fun little film :) It looks MUCH better projected... the film wasn't prepped for digital conversion.

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Dec 10 '06

Well this is sad...

Printing is not supported on this printer
An error message I encountered while trying to print a PDF I scanned on our Engineering Lab's Sun Workstations.

It seemed to think the printers are not capable of printing.

I'm pretty sure I laughed for a full 5 minutes.

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Nov 12 '06

First Hockey Game

FINALLY went to my first UW-Madison Men's Hockey Game. What a blast! The (Herb) Kohl center is a beautiful venue, and there seemed to be so much energy at the game. Although I didn't catch on to all the cheers, they were much more... creative... than the football ones.

One of the best parts of the game? When band director Mike came and ripped up the newspapers of two guys who were sitting down instead of dancing along to the band. Too funny!

Am I going to try to go more this year? Yeah! Buy season tickets for next year? Definitely.

Students Cheering Kohl Center

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Oct 14 '06

Homecoming 2006

Homecoming Barge RaceHomecoming Spirit Parade
Homecoming Yell like HellHomecoming Parade
Homecoming GameHomecoming Game

Good Times.

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Oct 1 '06

Another School Year Begins

Hey. I'm still alive.

At the beginning of August I started training for my job as Involvement Coordinator in one of the UW-Madison Residence Halls. Basically, I work with involved students to put on educational and social programming in the halls. It is a lot of fun, but very time consuming, which is why I haven't been able to update this much. However, things are winding down and you should see updates more often.

If you have visited before, I tweaked the layout a bit. Simplified things a lot so it is more usable on your end, and easier to keep up on mine. Leave any comments about it by clicking that link on the bottom of the entry.

Everything has been going well, except a couple of things that annoy me:

People don't read. Everyone is all up-in-arms about the Facebook Development Platform (saying that Facebook is using this to sell information), but nobody knows what it actually is. Facebook Development Platform is a way to allow ordinary people such as myself to program fun add-ons to Facebook, like map your friends or Billmonk. They aren't selling anything. And if I were to sign up to use the Facebook Development Platform for a website, I would never be able to obtain your contact information from your profile... ever. And simply, if you don't want a 3rd party developer to use your information for their application, DON'T USE IT.

People are oblivious to their surroundings. Some of the first-year students here still haven't figured out they need to walk across busy streets with their eyes open, head up, and iPod off. One frustrating thing are the large number of pedestrians walking down the bike lane next to University Square because the sidewalk is closed. I emailed the City of Madison who promptly put up "PEDESTRIANS PROHIBITED" (with a picture of a guy crossed out) and "BIKE LANE ONLY" (with a picture of a bike) signs at the entrance. People don't seem to see them, or they don't care. And they wonder why they keep getting hit by frustrated bikers, who don't care either.

Don't sit in an aisle seat of an empty row in a lecture hall. I fear this problem will never be solved.

I've also been emailing back and forth with the Athletic Department to do something about the horrible Student Section Football Lines. We'll see if they use any of my suggestions next weekend.

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Apr 28 '06

Day of Silence

Marching to the Capitol
Wednesday was the day of silence where hundreds of UW-Madison LGBT Students and Allies marched to the capitol to support making LGBT bullying and harassment unacceptable in schools. We were joined by High School students for a rally lead by GLSEN. Over 700 of the "Gay? Fine by Me." shirts seen in the picture were sold on campus.

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Apr 17 '06

Dan Savage

Dan Savage Dan Savage

Dan Savage, the author of the famous relationship and sex advice column "Savage Love" came for a two hour long Q&A at our school. Sold out for weeks, this totally filled theatre never left Dan Savage (drinking Rathskeller beer out of his water glass) without something to talk about. I laughed so long and so hard my stomach hurts.

Memorable quotes included: "God help you if your thing is dead baby squirrels covered in sh*t" and "I f*cked my boyfriend so hard I thought the hotel room was going to implode".

Other highlights included a mother bringing her young child out of the auditorium about 10 minutes in... as Dan put it: Somebody obviously doesn't read his column. And the two deaf interpreters were hilarious to watch... many of the audience now knows sign language for every sexual word ever created.

Then I got to meet him, and he signed a copy of his first book, "The Kid" for me. So far it's a really good book that those who enjoy is column should read.

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Apr 10 '06

Ben Karlin

Ben Karlin
Ben Karlin, executive producer of "The Colbert Report" and "The Daily Show" came to speak at The Union tonight. He was formerly the head writer of "The Daily Show" during the transition over to Stewart. and editor of "The Onion". Where did he graduate? That's right. UW-Madison.

He gave a good (and funny) talk. And the best part? A pre-recorded intro clip from Jon Stewart. And this wasn't some general all-purpose introduction. He said good evening to Madison f'in Wisconsin! And made fun of the city of Sheboygan. "'Sheboygan'? Now you're just making sh-t up!" And a clip by Stephen Colbert concluded the speech. He wasn't too fond of our funny sounding city names either -- not American enough. His solution? He renamed the cities. Fond du Lac just became Fondue. "This is America's daryland" he said, "How come no one thought of that?"

You really would have had to been there.

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Mar 27 '06

German engineering in da house, Ya

... not exactly, but rather an engineering undergrad down the hall. Oh Snap.

Another Side View

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May 17 '05

Semester Two Highlights

I can't believe the school year is over already. I can't wait for next year.
The highlights from the second half of my freshman year:

After the third game
LAN Party with my good friends


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Dec 29 '04

Semester One Hightlights

I love madison! I had so much fun my first semester. Highlights include:

Nader 4.JPG
Nader came to Madison. He actually gave a really good speech. Yeah, I know Kerry came too but I missed both his rallies.


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Mar 28 '04

Robotics Competition

I just got back late last night from the FIRST Robotics Competition at Northwestern University, with not enough energy to write this entry till today.

We came in third place (from last) but I had a great time!

When we got there, my jaw just dropped. The setup for this competition was AMAZING. Below is a picture of the setup, one side being the playing field, the other being the pits. We were called about 15 minutes before we went to compete, and were in a constantly moving line from that point on, having an hour between events. The second an event was done, the teams were taking their robots off as the new teams put theirs on, at the same time about 20 people who were running the event were resetting the playing field. It took just a matter of minutes between events! This had to be the most organized thing I've ever seen. They also had live video feeds with flat screens throughout the stadium with score updates and standings and a quite sophisticated setup for the computer systems running the whole event.



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