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Mar 23 '05

Innovation First Mini Robot Controller Programming

This is a tutorial I wrote for the FIRST Robotics competition using the Innovation First controller to help combine the hundreds of pages of documentation you receive to a simple guide on robotics programming.


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Mar 28 '04

Robotics Competition

I just got back late last night from the FIRST Robotics Competition at Northwestern University, with not enough energy to write this entry till today.

We came in third place (from last) but I had a great time!

When we got there, my jaw just dropped. The setup for this competition was AMAZING. Below is a picture of the setup, one side being the playing field, the other being the pits. We were called about 15 minutes before we went to compete, and were in a constantly moving line from that point on, having an hour between events. The second an event was done, the teams were taking their robots off as the new teams put theirs on, at the same time about 20 people who were running the event were resetting the playing field. It took just a matter of minutes between events! This had to be the most organized thing I've ever seen. They also had live video feeds with flat screens throughout the stadium with score updates and standings and a quite sophisticated setup for the computer systems running the whole event.



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