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Feb 28 '11

Wisconsin State Republicans

I don't know how how much more disgraceful the Wisconsin State Republicans can get with Assembly Bill 11 from the January 2011 Special Session.

First they try to vote without the democrats present on February 18, 2011:

Then on February 25th, 2011 they call for a vote so fast that most of the Democrats can't even get back to their seat to vote:

It's shameful and pathetic, regardless of your stance on the bill. They have the votes, so why do they need to resort to shady tactics?

The 2011-2012 Republican State Representatives are: Tyler August, Joan Ballweg, Kathy Bernier, Garey Bies, Edward Brooks, Mike Endsley, Paul Farrow, Jeff Fitzgerald, Mark Gottlieb, Scott Gunderson, Mark Honadel, Michael Huebsch, Andre Jacque, Dean Kaufert, Samantha Kerkman, Steve Kestell, Joel Kleefisch, John Klenke, Joe Knilans, Dan Knodl, Bill Kramer, Scott Krug, Mike Kuglitsch, Dean Kundson, Tom Larson, Daniel LeMahieu, Amy Loudenbeck, Howard Marklein, Dan Meyer, Jeffrey Mursau, John Murtha, Stephen Nass, Lee Nerison, Scott Newcomer, John Nygren, Alvin Ott, Jim Ott, Kevin Petersen, Jerry Petrowski, Warren Petryk, Don Pridemore, Keith Ripp, Roger Rivard, Roger Roth, Karl Roy, Erik Severson, Richard Spanbauer, Jim Steineke, Jeff Stone, Patricia Strachota, Scott Suder, Gary Tauchen, Jeremy Thiesfeldt, Tom Tiffany, Travis Tranel, Robin Vos, Leah Vukmir, Chad Weininger, Mary Williams, Evan Wynn

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Feb 12 '11

Putting Budget Cuts In Perspective

Yesterday, the house republicans released a proposed budget with some drastic cuts to the discretionary budget.

From CNN:

"The Republican legislation calls for over 100 federal programs to be outright eliminated, including scholarships, family planning, school counseling, Teach for America, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, AmeriCorps, and the COPS hiring program."

House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers said:

"The CR contains over $100 billion in cuts compared to the President's request - fully meeting the spending reduction goal outlined in the Republican 'Pledge to America'"

Done? Problem Solved? Does this fix our budget problem, or is this just an opportunity for Republicans to cut programs they don't like?


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Jan 26 '11

On the State of the Union

I'm usually not a big fan of Obama's ramblings, but tonight's speech was really good. Uplifting, inspiring, and forward-looking. Talk about education, science, public transportation, infrastructure, transparency, and gay rights reminds me of a '08 Obama. I think he's back.

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Election Day in Madison

I've heard all over that lines at the voting locations weren't bad. I voted at 8:30am and the line was only 20 minutes long. For the post part it was very quiet (probably because everyone had just woke up) except for an intense discussion about the separation of Church and State prompted by the fact that our voting location was a Catholic Elementary School and they were selling cookies.

Obama Tent on UW-Madison's Library Mall McCain Signs in the Madison Camp Randall Neighborhood

Supporters from both parties are out and about, and both were having difficulty keeping their signs upright with the occasional gusts of wind on an otherwise beautiful day.

If you haven't voted and don't know where, Google Can Help.

Added 2:00pm: My friend Kennis posted a photo of an Obama ad projected on the side of Memorial Library last night.

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Aug 29 '08

The Two Tickets

I've been purposefully avoiding talking about national politics on this little website of mine to avoid being like everyone else with a blog, but there is something I need to throw out there.

Let's talk about the formal education of the two tickets up for presidency.

Now, let me disclaim, I firmly believe grades, test scores, and degrees play a relatively insignificant part in the measure of one's intelligence and ability to contribute to society. I think one's experiences, leadership, and initiative are a significantly better gauge, but aren't used as often because they're hard to quantify. I think it's perfectly possible, and almost easier to respect somebody who has 'worked their way up the ladder' than simply exclaim 'I got good grades in college'... which can often be arbitrary depending on the year, professor, and other classmates.

But this contrast is difficult to ignore:
Barack Obama: BA in Political Science from Columbia, and JD in Law from Harvard (magna cum laude)
Joe Biden: BA in Political Science and History from University of Delaware, and JD in Law from Syracuse University College of Law

John McCain: Graduated in the bottom 1% of his class at the United States Naval Academy
Sarah Palin: BA in journalism from the University of Idaho with a minor in Political Science.

I mean, come on.

And what is everyone's fascination about finding 'somebody just like us' and the fear of 'elitism'? I would prefer somebody significantly smarter than me, thanks.

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May 17 '08

Choose Wisely

Found on the 4th floor of Vilas Hall.

Choose Wisely


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Feb 18 '08

Hillary Clinton in Madison

I just got back from Hillary Clinton's speech over at the Monona Convention Center. It was definitely different than Obama's rally.

Hillary Speaking


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Feb 12 '08

Barack Obama in Madison

Senator Obama came to speak at the Kohl Center in Madison today. The doors opened at 6pm, but he wasn't scheduled to speak until 8:15. I got there at 7:40, not really caring if I got good seats. (I wasn't going to sit there doing nothing for two hours... they wouldn't let people bring in backpacks)

However, as I approached the Kohl Center, there was somewhat of an angry crowd outside. Per Mar, the special events security on campus locked the doors saying the Kohl Center was full and walked away, refusing to answer questions (Can we sit on the side? In the back? Is it really full, or will you let more people in once the crowd settles?)

As I started to leave, I saw a door open up at the attached Nicholas Pavilion, and it was announced they setup large projection screens with a closed-circuit feed of the Kohl Center.

Obama in the Pavilion


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Feb 8 '08


Feb 3 '08

Voting Informed

Start by turning off the TV. The speeches are carefully calculated in every state just to make everyone happy, and the debates are a joke. Thinking of going to a political debate by the student organizations on campus? Just grab the pizza and leave before the politically uninformed start shouting at each other.

So what do you do? I'll start with this statement: Actions and money speak louder than words.


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Dec 22 '06

Mad Art VII

War protest? Random work of Art? Semester-end Project?

On the North side of the Humanities Building. (thx Kennis)


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Nov 9 '06

Mad Art VI

More spray paintings in the area:

Art is on the Streets
Outside my Apartment


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Apr 30 '06

Mad Art V

About every week, this falling woman appears spray painted in the entrance way to Starbucks on State Street. Every week, Starbucks paints it over. It's back again:

Outside Starbucks

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Apr 7 '06

Mad Art IV

Library Mall
All around Library Mall


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Apr 4 '06

County Board Election and ASM Referendums

Ugh. Living Wage Referenda passed but the Wisconsin Union one didn't. Thanks guys. Now the guys scooping ice cream will get $10.28/hour, but the handicapped still won't be able to fully navigate the unions. It also appears as if Ashok Kumar won County Board District 5 by breaking University Housing policy multiple times to distribute his flyers all over our rooms and by harassing us when we're trying to do homework.

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Mar 31 '06

Mad Art III

More politically oriented art around campus:

On the side of Humanities facing State Street.


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Mar 20 '06

Mad Art II

A follow up to a previous post.

The following were found between Sterling Hall and Van Vleck.
Van Vleck


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Feb 23 '06

Google and Censorship

I read a frustrating opinion piece in the Badger Herald today condemning the Google Censorship of in China. He said that all Google cares about is money and their shareholders, and don't care about the Chinese citizens who won't get full search results.

But here's the thing--- without Google censoring their own results, the Chinese government did it for them. The Google search engine became slow and unreliable due to the filters, and at times users were even being redirected to other government-run search engines. At this time, Google -- by far -- provides the best search results. Providing a fast, accurate search engine at, with just a few politically sensitive keywords censored, give users in China the ability to find more than they ever had before. Google is also up front about the censoring, and alerts users when their filters are censored. And the final thing is, the original uncensored-by-google search is still available.

I think it's better to have a fast, accurate, powerful search engine professionally censored by Google than to have an unreliable, poor searching, hack job of censorship search engine. If Google doesn't censor, the government will.

Google explains these same things in their weblog.

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Jan 28 '06

Mad Art I

A series of various artwork and spray paintings around campus.

Outside Sellery Hall
A geek-oriented political statement outside of Selery Hall.


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Nov 6 '05

Some Entertainment

A couple funny things around campus lately:


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Sep 14 '05

This man kicked a dog

Brother Jed
You don't tell madison students they are going to hell, then kick a dog.

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Dec 29 '04

Semester One Hightlights

I love madison! I had so much fun my first semester. Highlights include:

Nader 4.JPG
Nader came to Madison. He actually gave a really good speech. Yeah, I know Kerry came too but I missed both his rallies.


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