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Apr 5 '08

Wisconsin Film Festival 2008: Saturday (1 of 2)

Today marked my first day of the Film Festival. Unfortunately with classes and work, I was unable to see any movies from the first two days.

To start off Today, I saw two solid documentaries, both which I would call "magical".

The Pixar Story

Pixar StoryThis documentary was a very interesting look into the beginnings of Pixar, and how it has kept going strong. Has anyone noticed how everything that comes out of Pixar is, well, really good? The Incredible, Finding Nemo, Toy Story...

It surrounds a lot around how Ed Catmull, Steve Jobs, John Lasseter (right) came to get together, Pixar's origins at Lucasfilm, and struggles and benefits they have had with Disney... featuring interviews with Steve Jobs and George Lucas among others.

My favorite parts were seeing the early animations that Pixar produced, including Luxo (the lamp) Jr.

The Linguists

The LinguistsThere are 7,000 languages... and one language disappears every two weeks.

That's where David Harrison and Gregory Anderson come in. They are linguists traveling the world trying to document dying languages, despite governmental red tape or political unrest.

The documentary surrounds around specific trips to Siberia, India, and Bolivia (left) as they attempt, more difficult as it seems, to find one of the ten or one of the hundred left that speaks a dying language.

I had a good laugh with the linguists as they discovered a language in India that counts using both base 20 and base 12. "Our favorite number is 93," Anderson said. "It's four-twenty-twelve-one."

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