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Mar 26 '09


May 3 '08

Time to try Linux?

If you've always wanted to try Linux, now is a good time. I recently installed Ubuntu 8.04 exclusively on my laptop without a hitch. Wireless card worked, external drives worked, sound worked... all out-of-the-box without special configuration.


Ubuntu running chess and Open Office

But before I continue, a quick Linux 101:


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Jun 7 '07


Dec 15 '06

Remote Linux GUIs on Windows

As a computer science major, I obviously do a lot of work on the computer. However, sometimes the projects I do require special software only available at the computer science (L)UNIX lab.

I usually don't like to work at the computer lab, because it's cold, dirty, and usually there is somebody there who isn't up-to-date on the latest hygiene products.

This software, however, is usually graphical, so it's not as simple as SSHing in.

That's when I discovered Cygwin/X, a program that allows me to remotely use the grahical software from the computer lab, right at home!

It's a little difficult to setup and run at first, so I setup this little tutorial.


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