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Jun 27 '06

Chicago Pride

OnlookersThis past weekend I went to visit a friend of mine in Chicago, and Chicago Pride happened to be going on so we decided to check out the parade on Sunday.

It was quite the spectacle. It was approximately 3 hours long... and that was without any gaps between the floats. The types of floats were a lot more diverse than I had expected. While the media makes the parades out to be like all stereotypes there are of the LGBT community, it was a lot more.. sophisticated than that. All the local news stations had floats with their news anchors riding on it, many big companies such as Starbucks, Pepsi, and Miller Lite had floats, as well as several politicians.

Candy wasn't the main item thrown from the floats as per your 'normal' parade. Almost every float had beads (I caught about 30) and many of the bigger companies threw their products from their float. I caught things such as a bag of coffee from Starbucks, a bottle of Juice from Naked, and a bag of chips from Frito Lay, and a mix cd from DJV.

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Apr 28 '06

Day of Silence

Marching to the Capitol
Wednesday was the day of silence where hundreds of UW-Madison LGBT Students and Allies marched to the capitol to support making LGBT bullying and harassment unacceptable in schools. We were joined by High School students for a rally lead by GLSEN. Over 700 of the "Gay? Fine by Me." shirts seen in the picture were sold on campus.

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