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Favorite Microsoft Error Messages


visual studio


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Keyboard Fail

I just noticed this today and laughed pretty hard. How did this pass through Apple q/a?

Keyboard Fail

Both of them appear to do the same thing. Why not one big button? And apparently this isn't a defect with my particular keyboard, as the apple store's website has it pictured this way too.

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I'm not exactly sure what to click

I got this prompt today when dragging a file from a zip file in Windows XP:

Move or Copy?


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Advice from a streetlight pole

Advice from a streetlight pole

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Jun 3 '07

Too Much Water

Now. You'd think after what happened last year that this problem would be fixed. Luckily it didn't keep raining.

Summer Flooding

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May 19 '07


Apr 12 '07

April Snow brings May... ?

Let it Snow


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Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Ducks at the Kohl Center Bucky at Bascom

Snow brings the creativity out of everyone.

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Dec 10 '06

Well this is sad...

Printing is not supported on this printer
An error message I encountered while trying to print a PDF I scanned on our Engineering Lab's Sun Workstations.

It seemed to think the printers are not capable of printing.

I'm pretty sure I laughed for a full 5 minutes.

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Dec 5 '06


Nov 29 '06

Math Humor

I don't see why these aren't perfectly logical and correct answers.
(posted by unknown frustrated math students)

Find X


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Oct 4 '06

Campus Comics

This year I was very saddened by the loss of my favorite campus comic, Everybody Drunk but Me in the Daily Cardinal because Laura, the author of the comic had graduated from U-Dub.

However, the past few days this comic strip has caught my eyes:
Comic Strip
How true.

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Jul 27 '06

Madison Flood

After receiving approximately 4 inches of rain in a period of a half hour, it seemed as if the two lakes on the Isthmus of Madison connected together. Almost all of the streets south of Johnson St on campus flooded. The street was filled with stalled vehicles and students playing in the massive street lakes. At several points the water reached up to waist height. Lower-sitting classrooms on campus flooded as well, like in the Humanities and Computer Science buildings, among others.

Park & DaytonMills & Dayton

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Jun 7 '06


Apr 17 '06

Dan Savage

Dan Savage Dan Savage

Dan Savage, the author of the famous relationship and sex advice column "Savage Love" came for a two hour long Q&A at our school. Sold out for weeks, this totally filled theatre never left Dan Savage (drinking Rathskeller beer out of his water glass) without something to talk about. I laughed so long and so hard my stomach hurts.

Memorable quotes included: "God help you if your thing is dead baby squirrels covered in sh*t" and "I f*cked my boyfriend so hard I thought the hotel room was going to implode".

Other highlights included a mother bringing her young child out of the auditorium about 10 minutes in... as Dan put it: Somebody obviously doesn't read his column. And the two deaf interpreters were hilarious to watch... many of the audience now knows sign language for every sexual word ever created.

Then I got to meet him, and he signed a copy of his first book, "The Kid" for me. So far it's a really good book that those who enjoy is column should read.

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Apr 5 '06

Funny Things Today

Some things I found funny today:

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Mar 29 '06


Feb 22 '06

Sledding at Madtown

So, last weekend we got the snow dumped on us. And it got really cold. As you Madison people know, after a fresh snowfall it is tradition to sled down the hills...

Liz Waters Hill after Sledding

What you see there is about 100 cafeteria trays left over from the night before.

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Nov 6 '05

Some Entertainment

A couple funny things around campus lately:


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Sep 14 '05

This man kicked a dog

Brother Jed
You don't tell madison students they are going to hell, then kick a dog.

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May 17 '05

Semester Two Highlights

I can't believe the school year is over already. I can't wait for next year.
The highlights from the second half of my freshman year:

After the third game
LAN Party with my good friends


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