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Oct 26 '09

Goodbye GeoCities

Today marks a sad day. Yahoo is shutting GeoCities down for good. This website began on Geocities on February 22nd, 1998. I was in the "TimesSquare/Stadium" neighborhood at address 3423.

As much as people joked about GeoCities, it was a great place to create your first website. There was a vibrant community of volunteers (called "Community Leaders", which I was apart of), and a real sense of community between those that had websites there.

It was true social networking, almost 10 years before the concept really took off, and as many experts in the field agree, had Yahoo! managed it correctly, it could have been as popular and profitable as MySpace and Facebook, while as community-driven as Wikipedia.

I still have the email that was sent on January 28th, 1999:

Dear Homesteader,

Boy, do we have some exciting news for you! This morning, we
officially announced that Yahoo! has acquired GeoCities to
form a partnership that combines two unique things: the
powerful community you've created, and the powerful services
and features of Yahoo!

What does this mean to you as a GeoCities Homesteader? Well,
first of all, GeoCities will remain better than ever. Much
better than ever! You'll have lots more cool tools to use.
You'll have a larger variety of great features and
services at your disposal. And most importantly, you'll
have instantaneous access to more people on the Web - people
who share your interests and want to participate in the
community you've helped us create here at GeoCities.

The terms of the deal won't be finalized for about four more
months, but we can tell you that GeoCities and Yahoo! are both
thrilled about the partnership. It's a perfect match. We're two
of the most innovative, influential and popular companies on
the Web today. Our cultures, our values, our beliefs are in sync.
We share a common vision.

For GeoCities, the best news is that Yahoo! recognizes in us something
that only we can provide - a strong and committed sense of community.
And for that, we have you to thank. We've built this together.
And together we're shaping the future of the Internet.



Tom Evans
President & Chief Executive Officer

Ha. Well, fuck you, Tom Evans, and fuck you Yahoo. You ruined a great thing.

My next question is: Is Flickr next? Or has Yahoo learned their lesson?

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