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Sep 14 '10

Shanghai, China - Day 4 - The Expo Again

Day 4 - Expo 2010

As I mentioned before, the Expo was too large to do in one day so we decided to pick up where we left off and go another day. We were able to see several country's pavilions including our own - The United States.

As we went to handful of pavilions of English-speaking countries we learned a secret that we wish we knew the other day -- engage the pavilion hosts in conversation and they'll give you a free flag pin. In Canada, I thought the guy was just being nice but after it happened a couple of other times in different pavilions it seemed to be "a thing". It was a secret too, (shhh), as they asked us to discreetly put in the pin in our pocket. Otherwise there probably would have been a mob. I figured it's okay to let the cat out of the bag now since the Expo is ending in a few weeks.


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Sep 13 '10

Shanghai, China - Day 2 - The Expo

Day 2 - Expo 2010

We spent 2 days at Expo 2010, because after the 1st day we quickly realized it's impossible to do in a day. In fact, we probably only saw a quarter of it after two. It was gigantic. There were over 120 buildings and covered roughly 2 square miles. It was so big there was a dedicated subway line, ferry service, and several bus routes just inside the Expo grounds.

It surprisingly felt uncrowded, however. There were about 200,000 people both of the days that we went, but spread out across that whole area, it was relatively empty and for the most part calm.

It was also surprisingly cheap. Tickets were only about $25 USD for a day. A bottle of water or Coke was only 75 cents USD (take a hint: US theme parks!). Meals were not that expensive either.

It was very warm. About 85 degrees Fahrenheit both days. This allowed us to discover the habit that Chinese men had in hiking their shirts to their armpits, which a majority should not have been doing. Women carried shade umbrellas. Instead of following along, we opted for the covered walkways. Queue lines were nice because they were all covered by misting tents.


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