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Nov 5 '08


Nov 4 '08

Election Day in Madison

I've heard all over that lines at the voting locations weren't bad. I voted at 8:30am and the line was only 20 minutes long. For the post part it was very quiet (probably because everyone had just woke up) except for an intense discussion about the separation of Church and State prompted by the fact that our voting location was a Catholic Elementary School and they were selling cookies.

Obama Tent on UW-Madison's Library Mall McCain Signs in the Madison Camp Randall Neighborhood

Supporters from both parties are out and about, and both were having difficulty keeping their signs upright with the occasional gusts of wind on an otherwise beautiful day.

If you haven't voted and don't know where, Google Can Help.

Added 2:00pm: My friend Kennis posted a photo of an Obama ad projected on the side of Memorial Library last night.

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