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Apr 17 '06

Dan Savage

Dan Savage Dan Savage

Dan Savage, the author of the famous relationship and sex advice column "Savage Love" came for a two hour long Q&A at our school. Sold out for weeks, this totally filled theatre never left Dan Savage (drinking Rathskeller beer out of his water glass) without something to talk about. I laughed so long and so hard my stomach hurts.

Memorable quotes included: "God help you if your thing is dead baby squirrels covered in sh*t" and "I f*cked my boyfriend so hard I thought the hotel room was going to implode".

Other highlights included a mother bringing her young child out of the auditorium about 10 minutes in... as Dan put it: Somebody obviously doesn't read his column. And the two deaf interpreters were hilarious to watch... many of the audience now knows sign language for every sexual word ever created.

Then I got to meet him, and he signed a copy of his first book, "The Kid" for me. So far it's a really good book that those who enjoy is column should read.

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Apr 10 '06

Ben Karlin

Ben Karlin
Ben Karlin, executive producer of "The Colbert Report" and "The Daily Show" came to speak at The Union tonight. He was formerly the head writer of "The Daily Show" during the transition over to Stewart. and editor of "The Onion". Where did he graduate? That's right. UW-Madison.

He gave a good (and funny) talk. And the best part? A pre-recorded intro clip from Jon Stewart. And this wasn't some general all-purpose introduction. He said good evening to Madison f'in Wisconsin! And made fun of the city of Sheboygan. "'Sheboygan'? Now you're just making sh-t up!" And a clip by Stephen Colbert concluded the speech. He wasn't too fond of our funny sounding city names either -- not American enough. His solution? He renamed the cities. Fond du Lac just became Fondue. "This is America's daryland" he said, "How come no one thought of that?"

You really would have had to been there.

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