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Jan 19 '07

Lewis Black

Lewis BlackLewis Black came to Madison today. His "home away from home" he said. I went to see him. Sat in the nosebleed section, but he was still hilarious from 500 feet away. And his routine was different from his new HBO special (which I saw), so I was pleasantly surprised.

He wasn't happy with the audience's sometimes hesitant laughs and political correctness. "Leave that bullshit for campus!" barked Lewis.

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May 28 '06

Public Drunkards

Public DrunkardsHumanities FloodingThursday night I helped out with lighting, sound, and projection for the Public Drunkards. They did an excellent job with their comedy sketch, with viewers demanding another show sometime in the future. The music by Awesome Car Funmaker following was equally as good.

Funny story though. When rehearsing on Tuesday night a big storm hit. We were rehearsing in a room on the second floor of the Humanities building. We were unaware of the torrential downpour at the time, until water started seeping underneath the door. We went out into the hallway to find more water. The water outside was up to our ankles, and flooded the hallway even more when we went outside. When finished playing in the rain outside, we went back to rehearsing in another room when the fire alarms went off. People were coming from downstairs saying the first floor was flooded. We ventured downstairs to find water covering the entire first floor, and water dripping from the ceiling. It was quite a hilarious sight. I think it's a sign that building needs to be knocked down.

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