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Feb 28 '11

Colorado Ski Trip

Just got back from an amazing ski trip in Colorado. We went to Winter Park the first day. I wasn't a huge fan.. there wasn't much of a variety in the runs and not many groomed difficult runs. The second and third day we went to Copper Mountain, which was amazing. For starters, they had a shuttle that took you from the parking lot, which was great, since walking with skis can tire you out before you hit the slopes. The lift lines went quick. The runs had a nice even increase in difficulty from one side of the mountain to the other, and there was excellent powder and tree skiing in the back bowls. Would definitely go back to Copper Mountain again.

Copper Mountain, Colorado

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Jan 14 '07

Ski Trip to Steamboat, CO

I just got back from my skiing trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It was a lot of fun!

View of the Hill The Condo

The big downside to the whole trip was the 24-hourish bus ride there and back. I was not impressed at all with the bus company our school choose (Cavallo). First off, they were late on both the trip there and back. They were also unprepared (didn't bring tire chains for a trip to COLORADO), disorganized (winged the route as they went), and just didn't think ahead (ended up doing stuff like taking 3 short stops within an hour or so for driver change, gas, and food instead of planning it better and taking 1 long stop and doing it all)

But I had a great time skiing... which was the reason for the trip. This was my first trip out west, so I don't have any other basis for comparison, but I thought the hills were great. The runs were long, diverse, and challenging. I tried to hit all 165 trails throughout the 5 days that I skied, and I think I got them all besides a couple of the insane double-black diamonds. I have never been as exhausted as I was skiing in Colorado. The easier runs in Colorado were comparable to the hardest ones in Wisconsin. The weather was also beautiful-- between 30 and 36 all week. I usually ended up taking off layers of clothes during lunch.

I just had such a great time! I just wish it snowed more during the week. I enjoyed the natural powder... something I don't have the pleasure of skiing on here.

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