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Nov 13 '07

My Monorail

Well ladies and gentlemen, THIS is what had consumed over 40 hours of my week this week, but it's finally done! (and I am now a happier person)


It may look basic, but everything is done from scratch. The curve is actually calculated mathematically by me and composed of many many little straight lines. The objects were all created with primitives (squares, triangles, lines). And the rotation calculations were also done by hand (no using pre-existing libraries).

I didn't get all the features done I wanted to (like arc-length parametrization and some simple physics), but I think I did enough to give my grade a little boost.

You can download my program if you'd like to try it out. Let me know if it doesn't work... I might need to add more things to the zip file.

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Mar 23 '05

Innovation First Mini Robot Controller Programming

This is a tutorial I wrote for the FIRST Robotics competition using the Innovation First controller to help combine the hundreds of pages of documentation you receive to a simple guide on robotics programming.


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