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Sep 30 '09

Mad Art VIII

A couple creative uses of the pedestrian crossing sign in Madison, WI:

Red bull gives you wings
Red bull gives you wiiiiiiings!

Drunk Student Crossing
'Drunk Student Crossing' at Ian's Pizza (arguably the best pizza place... ever)

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May 23 '08


Found on the 4th floor of the humanities building at UW-Madison. Comment with your interpretations.

On Humanities


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May 17 '08

Choose Wisely

Found on the 4th floor of Vilas Hall.

Choose Wisely


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Jul 10 '07

New "Art" by the Kohl Center?

I noticed these at the Kohl Center today. When did this happen? I'm fairly certain they were not here yesterday. They are pink and gold. When finished, they look like they will be lit from both the inside and outside.

Um, why? They're just as ugly as that giant phallus outside Camp Randall. Please take them down, unless they do something cool like project a giant "W" against the night sky. At least paint them RED and WHITE.

Kohl Center Art

Edit: Ohhhh... they change colors at night. Well, they still look out of place.

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Mar 4 '07

Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Ducks at the Kohl Center Bucky at Bascom

Snow brings the creativity out of everyone.

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Feb 24 '07


Dec 22 '06

Mad Art VII

War protest? Random work of Art? Semester-end Project?

On the North side of the Humanities Building. (thx Kennis)


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Nov 9 '06

Mad Art VI

More spray paintings in the area:

Art is on the Streets
Outside my Apartment


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Apr 30 '06

Mad Art V

About every week, this falling woman appears spray painted in the entrance way to Starbucks on State Street. Every week, Starbucks paints it over. It's back again:

Outside Starbucks

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Apr 7 '06

Mad Art IV

Library Mall
All around Library Mall


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Mar 31 '06

Mad Art III

More politically oriented art around campus:

On the side of Humanities facing State Street.


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Mar 20 '06

Mad Art II

A follow up to a previous post.

The following were found between Sterling Hall and Van Vleck.
Van Vleck


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Jan 28 '06

Mad Art I

A series of various artwork and spray paintings around campus.

Outside Sellery Hall
A geek-oriented political statement outside of Selery Hall.


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Dec 29 '04

Semester One Hightlights

I love madison! I had so much fun my first semester. Highlights include:

Nader 4.JPG
Nader came to Madison. He actually gave a really good speech. Yeah, I know Kerry came too but I missed both his rallies.


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