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Keyboard Fail

I just noticed this today and laughed pretty hard. How did this pass through Apple q/a?

Keyboard Fail

Both of them appear to do the same thing. Why not one big button? And apparently this isn't a defect with my particular keyboard, as the apple store's website has it pictured this way too.

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Apr 6 '08

Wisconsin Film Festival 2008: Sunday

Saw two films today on the last day of this year's Film Festival.

Welcome to Macintosh

Welcome to MacintoshThis film explored some history of the Macintosh and Apple, along with the impact that the company had made on the computing industry.

Some notable interviews were that of Wayne Bibbens who collects and has thousands of old Apple computers, and Jim Reekes, who created today's startup Mac sound and was a somewhat disgruntled ex-engineer, calling some of the other engineers from his time "retarded".

I wasn't really a big fan of the documentary itself. I've seen a lot of really really well done documentaries, both inside and outside this festival, and this was not at that caliber. My primary complaint is that it lacked focus-- jumping from being organized chronologically to by some random selection of topics. It was also slowly paced... many of the interviews went for several minutes, uncut.

The directors had a Q&A afterwards and acknowledged both issues, letting us know that this wasn't the final cut. They apparently have 8 hours of usable footage and have had difficulties from the beginning deciding what and what not to include. They additionally acknowledged some of the interview segments were long, and hope to cut them down in time along with adding some additional interviews that didn't make this cut. I think if they work on both of these issues before the DVD and final distribution, it has potential to be enjoyed by those who aren't Mac fanatics.

Fermat's Room (La HabitaciĆ³n de Fermat)

Fermat's RoomThis was like a children's version of "The Cube", for those that have seen that movie. The movie is about four mathematicians, trapped together in a room. They were given a PDA where math problems and a time limit pop up. If they didn't solve the math puzzle in time, the walls started to close on each other.

Equally puzzling was how they were related, why they were lured into this room, and who was behind it. What was disappointing was to the extent every question the viewer had about the movie was spelled out at the end. I'm not a big fan of movies that leave you totally wondering what happened, but you can't just explain everything to us either.

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New York Tip

Apple StoreI just got back from my week trip to New York with the family. Spent a lot of time with the family, but some highlights were the new Apple Store on 5th Ave: A store design that was more like an art gallery than a store. Probably one of the coolest stores I've ever been in, Times Square, Central Park, Museum of Modern Art: Unfortunately too much to see in just the few hours that we had there, NBC Studio Tour: The SNL set is a LOT smaller than it looks, and Phantom of the Opera: I almost got a couple of obnoxious middle school girls sitting behind me kicked out. It was funny. The house manager was going to get the police if they didn't shut up.

Now, I got a bajillion of emails to catch up on. Econ class starts tomorrow and I go back to work.

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