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Jul 17 '11

Favorite Microsoft Error Messages


visual studio


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Jul 4 '11


Links that have gotten me through ASP.NET MVC

Log4net Context problems with ASP.Net thread agility

Passing JSON into an ASP.NET MVC Controller

A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client

How to convert TextBoxes with null values to empty strings

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Links that have gotten me through WPF

WPF is a quick and easy platform for building desktop applications, but has it's drawbacks, especially when it comes to it's treeview or drag and drop. My sentiments are best described in somebody else's hilarious rant: Why is the TreeView so useless?

As far as i can tell, all major software from MS (Visual Studio etc) that has a tree view, has this standard behavior. The selection changes to the one you just right clicked on. And yet you (MS) somehow shipped the latest and greatest WPF TreeView that doesnt do that. Ok fine, i will do it myself... Oh wait, i can't because i can't manually set the selected item without doing 3000 back flips. --Paul Tham

A Versatile TreeView for WPF

Getting TreeViewItem for the selected item in a TreeView

How do I Progmatically Select an Item in a TreeView?

Programmatically Selecting an Item in a TreeView

TreeView, TreeViewItem and IsSelected

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop with Multiple Selection ListViews

Binding a WPF ComboBox to a display source and a binding source

Stretching Content in an Expander Header

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Links that have gotten me through Silverlight

I have been developing Silverlight applications since version 2.0, and link dump of all the sites that have gotten me through all the quirks and bugs:

Silverlight Plug-in Error Messages

Where's your leak at? ... which lead me to ... ChildWindow memory leak

Creating and Handling Faults in Silverlight

Navigation Framework and Uri Routing

Breaking changes in Silverlight's navigation

Silverlight: Controls inside ScrollViewer - horizontal resize layout bug and related workaround ... sad there was never a workaround to the AccordianItem Content Resize Bug

Silverlight Wrappanel

Silverlight ComboBox control and data binding

Un-select item in listbox

Silverlight Control Styles and Templates

Tim Heuer's Silverlight Blog

Building an Observable Model in Silverlight

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Jul 1 '11

Submitted Patches

Submitted Patches If I ever fix a bug in an open source application, I like to give back to the community. Here are some of my contributions:... [More]

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