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Jan 28 '10


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Jan 25 '10

A Single Man

A Single Man


This movie surrounds around a professor (played wonderfully by Colin Firth) who had just recently lost his longtime partner of several years. The movie is well-paced, beautifully filmed, and very emotional... providing a nice step back from the fast-paced blockbusters of today. And it has a message that everyone can take away from it: enjoy the good parts of life and try to forget the rest.

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Jan 24 '10


Jan 19 '10

Pizza Man Fire in Milwaukee

I had only been there once, but I think I can still say I will miss their amazing cheesy garlic bread. Since the area is very difficult to get to, and the photos various media outlets have taken are really crappy, I thought I'd take a couple for those wondering what the damage is like. It looks like they were still extinguishing some of the fire, 30 hours later.



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Jan 7 '10

Mission: Fix Wiimote. Result: Failure.

One of my Wii Remotes recently broke. Not totally broke... you could still point with it and press the buttons, but it didn't measure tilt/movement anymore. Probably as a result of it being the output of frustration from playing the New Super Mario Brothers.

Wii Remote


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