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Jul 21 '09

On Traffic

It's stupid stuff like this which seems to occur daily that doubles my commute home.

Some trailer overturned spilling dirt and trees all over I-94 west by Miller Park. All the lanes were closed when I passed by. (would suggest an alternate route)

Overturned Truck

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Jul 14 '09

Public Enemies

Public Enemies


Public Enemies. What a horrible movie. I don't even know where to start. Poor character development, bad writing, bad acting, slow editing. But none of that bothered me as much as the actual physical quality of the film. I'm pretty sure they filmed it on one of the new iPhones, or something. The sound echoed horribly, there was no depth in the shots, the quality was poor, the lighting was awful (are they in a football stadium or was that supposed to be the moon light?), and what was with all the shaking? Was the cinematographer having a seizure?

If you (heaven forbid) decide to go pay $10 to see the movie, I would hope the only reason is to see how many Wisconsin locations that they filmed at you can recognize.

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Jul 12 '09


The Great Circus Parade

Great Circus Parade made it's way through Milwaukee, WI today. I don't know if it's because I'm getting old, or the heat... but the parade seemed long, spaced out, and a bit redundant to me.


What was most interesting was the events leading up to the parade. People were so intent on getting good seats many people started camping out Friday night on the curb of the parade route.


And right before the parade there were a mass of people drawing circles in the middle of the street. When I asked one man why everyone was drawing circles, he said "If an animal poops in this circle, my friends have to buy me a shot". Yup, a drinking game involving sidewalk chalk, a parade, and feces.


There are more photos below the cut.


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Jul 10 '09

Bastille Days

Bastille Days in Milwaukee, WI.

Bastille Days


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Jul 6 '09