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Aug 29 '08

The Two Tickets

I've been purposefully avoiding talking about national politics on this little website of mine to avoid being like everyone else with a blog, but there is something I need to throw out there.

Let's talk about the formal education of the two tickets up for presidency.

Now, let me disclaim, I firmly believe grades, test scores, and degrees play a relatively insignificant part in the measure of one's intelligence and ability to contribute to society. I think one's experiences, leadership, and initiative are a significantly better gauge, but aren't used as often because they're hard to quantify. I think it's perfectly possible, and almost easier to respect somebody who has 'worked their way up the ladder' than simply exclaim 'I got good grades in college'... which can often be arbitrary depending on the year, professor, and other classmates.

But this contrast is difficult to ignore:
Barack Obama: BA in Political Science from Columbia, and JD in Law from Harvard (magna cum laude)
Joe Biden: BA in Political Science and History from University of Delaware, and JD in Law from Syracuse University College of Law

John McCain: Graduated in the bottom 1% of his class at the United States Naval Academy
Sarah Palin: BA in journalism from the University of Idaho with a minor in Political Science.

I mean, come on.

And what is everyone's fascination about finding 'somebody just like us' and the fear of 'elitism'? I would prefer somebody significantly smarter than me, thanks.

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Aug 25 '08

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight


Alright, so, I finally saw The Dark Knight. Yeah, I'm behind in life, give me a break.

I was skeptical. I thought it would be yet another bad action flick. I was never a fan of the other Batman movies, and I was afraid of getting let down like I did with Wall-E.

Was I ever wrong. It blew me away. At no time did I feel the dialogue or special effects were cheesy *cough* spider man 3 *cough* At no time did I ever feel bored or unengaged. It was a very solid movie all around.

Now, if I would have programmed my website to support half-stars, as far as an action flick goes, I would put it a tad underneath The Bourne Ultimatum. But it's up there.

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