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Jun 28 '08




Wall-E was a good movie, don't get me wrong. But I had such high expectations that I was a bit disappointed. I liked the idea of the movie-- the loud-and-clear warning that if we don't change our habits, our world might end up like that in Wall-Es. Wall-E was funny, and the animation was 'pretty'. The movie started out great, but I became distracted by irrational actions by characters that hadn't been introduced enough yet, a physics engine going bad somewhere halfway through the movie, and the climax of the movie came and went faster than I could blink. Come on Pixar, you could have done better than that. And what was up with all the Apple product placement? Step away from the animators, Steve Jobs.

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Jun 22 '08

Carillon Bell Tower at UW-Madison

I had the unique opportunity to go up into the Carillon Bell Tower at UW-Madison today-- and guess what-- there is actually a man up there playing the bells. Yeah, I have always been told that there was a man up there, but for some reason thought it was a myth and the bells were actually computerized.

 Carillon Bell Tower at UW-Madison

His name is Lyle Anderson, and if you catch him on the right day at the right time, he'll let you come up and watch him play. I wish I would have taken a video so you could see how fast he works the foot pedals and levers. I posted a video of him playing the bells on YouTube. You can even allegedly hand him any sheet music written for piano, and if you're nice enough, he'll play it for you. Additionally, there are stairs that go up to the top where the bells are-- but I may now be partially deaf from that experience.

 Carillon Bell Tower at UW-Madison  Carillon Bell Tower at UW-Madison

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Jun 14 '08


Jun 9 '08


Jun 7 '08

Now I've Seen Everything

Sorry about the lack of updates. I just started a new job, and then my computer decided to stop working and I had to reinstall Windows. But I'm all good now, and regular updates should follow.

Now, for your viewing pleasure:
Monkey riding a Dog

Yes. That is a monkey riding a dog. Spotted at the Harvard, IL Milk Days. Now I've seen everything.

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