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May 26 '08

The New Facebook


I was invited to a preview. It needs some work yet. It's a tad different than the preview screenshots they have been releasing to the press. I'm not sure if they're working toward the screenshots, or if they're changing the direction they're going. The biggest complaint is the lack of hierarchy on the new profiles. Everything is light grey or light blue, it's hard to tell what's going on. There is also a extremely lack of customization as far as where applications go. Right now everything is dumped on the "Boxes" tab, but I want to be able to put my "Extended Info" and "Classes" applications on my info tab.

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May 25 '08

Abandoned Ogg Hall Demolition

Ogg Hall, UW-Madison

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May 23 '08



Found on the 4th floor of the humanities building at UW-Madison. Comment with your interpretations.

On Humanities


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May 22 '08


May 19 '08

Loose Cannons


Loose CannonsAre you still in Madison? Good. Go see this movie at The Orpheum playing through Thursday. Loose Cannons is a hilarious student-created feature film set right on the UW-Madison campus. It features Chuck Sypholis, part of the student-run "Campus Security" on his hunt for Spencer Huntley and his gang, the "Freshman 15" who stole the football team's playbook and plans to sell it to Minnesota. Filled with witty jokes, kung-fu, and gun fights, this movie is an enjoyment all around. Watch the Trailer at YouTube.

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May 17 '08

Choose Wisely

Found on the 4th floor of Vilas Hall.

Choose Wisely


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May 15 '08


May 14 '08


May 13 '08


Langdon St. Fire

Sigma Phi Epsilon at UW-Madison started on fire around 11:30pm. The attic was still burning around 3am when I snapped these pictures. Luckily nobody was badly hurt.

Langdon St Fire Langdon St Fire

Langdon St Fire Langdon St Fire

More at:

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May 12 '08


May 10 '08


May 9 '08


May 8 '08


May 7 '08

I'm not exactly sure what to click

I got this prompt today when dragging a file from a zip file in Windows XP:

Move or Copy?


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May 4 '08


May 3 '08

Time to try Linux?

If you've always wanted to try Linux, now is a good time. I recently installed Ubuntu 8.04 exclusively on my laptop without a hitch. Wireless card worked, external drives worked, sound worked... all out-of-the-box without special configuration.


Ubuntu running chess and Open Office

But before I continue, a quick Linux 101:


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