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Mar 25 '08

In Bruges

In Bruges


Refreshingly different, and really funny. It reminds me a little of Hot Fuzz, not because of the British accents, but because it starts off as a comedy and takes an unexpected 360. It was simply a really enjoyable to watch. And did I mention funny? A word of warning: this movie is not for the politically correct.

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Mar 23 '08

2008 Movies to Watch

I'm making this list here because otherwise I'll forget. Anyone know of a good movie tracking website kind of like Goodreads where I can make a "to watch" list? A lot of friends use Flixster, but I think it's an awful website.

There are a couple others I forgot, but I'll update this as I remember.

And here is what I'll be seeing at the Wisconsin Film Festival:

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Mar 20 '08


Mar 19 '08

Michael Clayton

Michael Clayton


Speaking of George Clooney, I realized I never wrote a review for this movie. I didn't really like it. It was in a Kill Bill-esque mixed-up-time format, which worked well for that action movie, but just makes an already complicated legal battle even more complcated. And for a thriller, it got very slow at points. Now that I've read the Wikipedia summary and understand what was going on, I almost want to watch it again, but fear I might fall asleep.

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Mar 18 '08


Heavenly Ski Video

I finally found a solid 5 hour block of time in which I was able to edit together the footage I took from the Lake Tahoe ski trip I went on. Warren Miller, watch out.

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Mar 8 '08

Stuck in my Head

I've been a little under the weather lately and not able to update. I have a backlog of links to share with you all, and I'll start catching up tomorrow. I'm also working on another "recently discovered" music posts. In the meantime, I would like to share these two songs which are currently stuck in my head:


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