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Girl Talk in Madison

I went to see Gregg Gillis (a.k.a. Girl Talk) at the Memorial Union yesterday. Girl Talk is a mash-up DJ. Unlike your typical DJ which uses cross fades (or horrible DJs that don't even use that), Girl Talk beat matches the ends and beginning of songs, so there isn't a single second of 'down time' between them. He also layers songs on top of each other, making comparisons you wouldn't even think of (Ying Yang Twins vs The Verve)

Girl Talk
(My camera battery died, so thanks to Kennis for this pic)


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Happy Birthday Website!

It's been 10 years since I launched the first version of my website on February 22nd, 1998 over at GeoCities. That's actually a month before Kottke launched. Imagine if I actually had something interesting to talk about back then, and kept it up! You can read a history of the development of this website over at the about page. Right now, there are 554 entries with 64 comments.

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Feb 18 '08

Hillary Clinton in Madison

I just got back from Hillary Clinton's speech over at the Monona Convention Center. It was definitely different than Obama's rally.

Hillary Speaking


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Barack Obama in Madison

Senator Obama came to speak at the Kohl Center in Madison today. The doors opened at 6pm, but he wasn't scheduled to speak until 8:15. I got there at 7:40, not really caring if I got good seats. (I wasn't going to sit there doing nothing for two hours... they wouldn't let people bring in backpacks)

However, as I approached the Kohl Center, there was somewhat of an angry crowd outside. Per Mar, the special events security on campus locked the doors saying the Kohl Center was full and walked away, refusing to answer questions (Can we sit on the side? In the back? Is it really full, or will you let more people in once the crowd settles?)

As I started to leave, I saw a door open up at the attached Nicholas Pavilion, and it was announced they setup large projection screens with a closed-circuit feed of the Kohl Center.

Obama in the Pavilion


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There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood


I really enjoyed this movie. It's on the longer side at 2 1/2 hours... but I didn't notice. The movie sucks you in, and you get involved in this journey. And soon you're part of this journey, and forget that you're in a movie theater. How long has it been since you've seen a film like that? The actors were spectacular, and worked very well together. The story is unique, and takes some turns that you don't expect.

If you're in Madison-- you can still see this and the other 4 Oscar nominated films for 'Best Picture' at the Sundance Cinemas.

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We got about 12 inches of snow today. I wish I could have captured everything in pictures-- all the cars stalled and being pushed... all the neighbors outside digging out their car... students trying to scale snowy stairs and sidewalks... and the group of people cross country skiing down the street.

Madison Snow Storm Madison Snow Storm

It took me a little over an hour to dig my car out (right). My roommate was nice enough to help. But it was definately a bonding moment, as the entire neighborhood was outside. Shoveling, digging, pushing, or sledding down the hilly streets.

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Oh-- and does anyone know of a good weather website? You know, without 500 advertisements? (that leaves out weather underground and weather channel)

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Voting Informed

Start by turning off the TV. The speeches are carefully calculated in every state just to make everyone happy, and the debates are a joke. Thinking of going to a political debate by the student organizations on campus? Just grab the pizza and leave before the politically uninformed start shouting at each other.

So what do you do? I'll start with this statement: Actions and money speak louder than words.


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