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Oct 31 '07


Oct 28 '07

Dear Legacy Electronics:

Daylight savings is NEXT week. Please return back to the normal time so I'm not late for all my classes and exams this week. Thank you.

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Oct 27 '07


Oct 23 '07

std::cout <<"Hello World\n";

Sorry for the lack of updates... for anyone that still visits. I've been busy programming image manipulation software, studying technical Japanese, Helping kick off the Hoofer Ski and Snowboard Club, and planning Homecoming Week (this week!).

Everything will die down starting next week, then I will be back to reading my regular amount of newspapers/magazines/books/blogs and sharing whatever I find interesting (and I hope you do too).

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Oct 9 '07


Oct 8 '07


Oct 6 '07


Advice from a streetlight pole

Advice from a streetlight pole

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