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Posted by Erik W on Aug 10, 2007 12:31 AM

Sunshine B

I recently saw Sunshine at the new Sundance Cinemas in Madison. First a little bit about Sundance: Claaaasssyy! I felt under-dressed in my typical khaki shorts and t-shirt. I went to a noon showing, but anything later I would have at least put on jeans and a button-down shirt. The tickets are a bit pricey, but the theater is amazing. You sink into the rocking seats, the air conditioning is at a perfect temperature, and the sound is outstanding. And the concession stand isn't... typical. Sure they have a section labeled "classic movie favorites", which include popcorn and soda, but you'd feel really... cheap... purchasing an item from that section. You can get muffins, sandwiches, and 20 types of coffee drinks from the concession stand as well. And you get to reserve your seats, like a theater theater. They advertised row "H" as perfect eye level... and ohhh where those seats absolutely perfect.

Anyway... the movie:

The synopsis, in a nutshell, for those who are unfamiliar with this non-mainstream movie: "A team of astronauts are sent to re-ignite the dying sun 50 years into the future."

First off, I'm not the biggest fan of Science Fiction movies, and the whole going-into-outer-space-and-having-oxygen/food/heat problems seemed quite over done to me, but I thought I'd give this movie a whirl. I was blown away-- visually-- with this movie. All of the shots were, beautiful. Absolutely stunning. The colors (ohhh the colors!), the angles, the depths... beautiful. Amazing. Spectacular. The special effects (or were they scale models?) were wonderful as well. If only Spider Man 3 put quarter the effort into special effects as this movie did...

So it was very unfortunate when the story was a bit too lacking to me. My friend enjoyed the refreshing lack of made up technical-mumbo-jumbo-nonsense, but I kind of missed it. And the ship's voice... I would have like to seen that character developed more. Yeah, I know it's a computer. But it was quite an integral part of the story, and, in my opinion, underdeveloped. They also breezed past the story of the first failed mission to the Sun, and got into the character's inner emotions a little too early before they were fully developed.

Story = C, Visual Elements = A+, so I'm going to give it 4 stars. (The math works, trust me, I took 6 semesters of math in college)

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