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I recently saw Sunshine at the new Sundance Cinemas in Madison. First a little bit about Sundance: Claaaasssyy! I felt under-dressed in my typical khaki shorts and t-shirt. I went to a noon showing, but anything later I would have at least put on jeans and a button-down shirt. The tickets are a bit pricey, but the theater is amazing. You sink into the rocking seats, the air conditioning is at a perfect temperature, and the sound is outstanding. And the concession stand isn't... typical. Sure they have a section labeled "classic movie favorites", which include popcorn and soda, but you'd feel really... cheap... purchasing an item from that section. You can get muffins, sandwiches, and 20 types of coffee drinks from the concession stand as well. And you get to reserve your seats, like a theater theater. They advertised row "H" as perfect eye level... and ohhh where those seats absolutely perfect.

Anyway... the movie:


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The Bourne Ultimatum

The Bourne Ultimatum


Amazing, amazing movie. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, in what you could describe as the most thrilling hour and a half chase scene. I was happy for the small 5-minute breaks throughout the movie so I could take a moment to breathe before the action started up again. This was definitely one of the fastest paced movies I've ever seen, and it never got dull as Jason Bourne went from location to location. It was really fun to watch Jason's cleverness, as he was always thinking 5 minutes ahead. It was moments like: He grabs two shirts from clothes lines on a roof top. Why? ... Ohhhh. Wouldn't have thought of that. The fight scene -- without any music -- was quite the gem, as you rarely get to hear just the sounds of the fight itself. And the ending: perfect. Absolutely perfect.

So go see it. And if you don't believe me, read what the New York Times and The Onion has to say. I'd see it again. I totally missed how he stole that police car. And so did the officer who was driving it.

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Aug 1 '07

What I Carry

I recently stumbled across this Flickr Group where people empty their pockets and bags, and explain the typical things they carry with them every day. I killed a few hours going through many of the photos thinking "Oooo, that's a good idea". Common items? iPhone and a Moleskine. Now I just need an iPhone. Although, I'm pretty much at maximum capacity of stuff to carry. I'm pretty prepared.

What I Carry
Click on the Flickr photo for notes on the items.

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