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Jun 26 '07

They Actually Emailed Back!

I've noticed a trend in the last year or so... Companies are actually responding to my emails. And it makes me happy. I fill out feedback forms with zero expectation of a response, but I've gotten real-life-person replies from the following companies fairly recently:
- Facebook (on multiple occasions)
- Random House (but took forever)
- Pandora
- Google
- Most UW Departments (except the Union)

How cool is that? The second and seventh most visited sites in the U.S. takes time to reply personally to emails. So why can't these people reply to my emails? (Auto-replies that pretend to be a real person don't count... Yahoo!)
- The Daily Cardinal (one of our student newspapers)
- Yahoo
- Fox News
- Threadless

I guess the only big difference I can find are the many of the places that reply are fairly newer companies. Maybe they'll eventually get tired of providing customer service too. Hopefully not.

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Too Much Water

Now. You'd think after what happened last year that this problem would be fixed. Luckily it didn't keep raining.

Summer Flooding

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