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Endless Fear

I just wanted to share my final project from my film production class with everyone.

It was filmed using 16mm silent black and white reversal film and a Bolex camera, and edited on Final Cut Pro. It explores how the editing process can build up suspense in a scene.

The clip shows a similar chase sequence 4 times, building on different elements each time (different shots, different angles, faster cutting, sound effects, and music).

Within the sequences, it also explores differences in film speed, depth of field, and hand-held vs tripod shots.

My film was shown in the "Spring 2007 IFVC Show", which showcased some of the best work from all of the film classes in the Communication Arts department this semester.

(The sound syncs up in real life. The sound is a little slow in YouTube. Also, it's silent at first... so don't crank up your speakers or think they aren't working.)

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Website Updates

I made a few changes around the website today (a.k.a. putting of studying math). First off, links I post are now integrated with the rest of the website, both on the main page and the feed. I didn't do this originally because I didn't want to overwhelm user's RSS readers with links... but the links are pretty cool anyways and always worth checking out :) So, if you are subscribed to both my main feed and link feed, you can get rid of the link feed.

I also hopped on the twitter/ bandwagon. (on the right side of the main page) I thought I'd give them a try. And who doesn't want to know what song I'm listening to right this moment? They are also included in my archives page.

In related web-updating news, Facebook and Google Analytics made a couple changes too.


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Spider Man 3

Spider Man 3


They spent half a billion dollars on this movie. Most expensive movie ever made. That sucks, because the movie blew.

Bad special effects, bad character development (yeah, I know they were developed in the first two films, but you can't just pick up out of nowhere), horrible acting, horrible script. Bad bad bad bad bad.

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