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Wisconsin Film Festival 2007: Saturday

Posted by Erik W on Apr 14, 2007 1:13 PM

Hallucii Retribution

Shorts Times Ten

One of the many series of shorts at the Film Festival. My favorites were "Kompetenz", a couple fighting over skills vs talents, "My Name is Not Carlos", a jazzy music/animation, "Hallucii (upper left)", an animated man stuck on an Escher staircase, and "Startle Pattern", a claymation.

Jim and Joe's Animated Shorts

Sometimes a series of shorts is hit-or-miss. This was a miss. Just like many of their picks last year, Jim and Joe have a habit of choosing very experimental and out-there shorts. Unfortunately, a majority of the animated shorts were experimental and not narrative. However, the ones I enjoyed were "Eastern Manchuria", a line-drawing animation of a factory-working robot, "Rabbit", a sick and twisted children's story book, and "Magda", a story of a circus doll.

Retribution (Sakebi)

Retribution (upper-right) was a crazy Japanese psychological-thriller-horror film. What I found refreshing was the fact that this film utilized old-fashioned cinematography and story to have me jumping in my seat instead of American films with blood, guts, and chainsaws. It's about a woman that haunts a detective tracking down a serial-killer, whose evidence actually leads back to himself. It dips a little into the avant-guard realm, so it's hard to fully explain... but it's worth seeing I think.

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