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Wisconsin Film Festival 2007: Sunday

Poison Friends

Poison Friends (Les Amitiés maléfiques)

Last film I saw at the festival. Enjoyable one too. (Aren't they all?) It's going to sound more boring than it actually was, but surrounds around four college students who are aspiring to be famous writers. One of them is quite the arrogant s.o.b. and is quick to point out the flaws of other writers. They just don't realize how much they're being duped.

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Apr 14 '07

Wisconsin Film Festival 2007: Saturday

Hallucii Retribution

Shorts Times Ten

One of the many series of shorts at the Film Festival. My favorites were "Kompetenz", a couple fighting over skills vs talents, "My Name is Not Carlos", a jazzy music/animation, "Hallucii (upper left)", an animated man stuck on an Escher staircase, and "Startle Pattern", a claymation.


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Wisconsin Film Festival 2007: Friday


Exiled (Fong juk)

Just one film today... "Exiled", a gangster movie from China. Known for its choreography, I was expecting a bit more. Maybe some slow motion, some cool long tracking shots, a person or two flying about, but none of that was present. It (in my opinion) featured fairly ordinary shoot-outs, which almost reminded me of old western movies. The gun sounds were so realistic that in a movie, they seemed quite out of place.

It wasn't a horrible movie though. It had a compelling plot, several bits of humor ("How many pounds is a ton of love?"), and a great but unexpected ending, that without, the movie would have been pretty average.

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Apr 13 '07

Wisconsin Film Festival 2007: Thursday

Manufactured Landscapes The District

Manufactured Landscapes

The very first film I saw was "Manufactured Landscapes". It was quite an eye-opening documentary. Mostly featuring Chinese industry, this film showed how horrible manual repetitive labor can be. It started out with a tracking shot down an entire building of a Chinese Factory, showing aisle after aisle after aisle of teenage-looking men and women assembling, by hand, items such as irons and fans. It took about 10 minutes walking speed to get down the entire building. It was quite stunning. Above left shows each aisle's labor being briefed by their supervisor before going to work. Many were getting yelled at for not producing enough units, or having too many defective units.


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Apr 12 '07

April Snow brings May... ?

Let it Snow


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Apr 11 '07

Blue Man Group

On an impulse, I went to the Blue Man Group in Madison today. It was only three blocks away from my apartment, so it was hard to resist.

IMG_1004 IMG_1023


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