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Mar 26 '07


Mar 25 '07

The Chase

I present to you the very first film I've ever created. In my media production class I'm fortunate enough to be able to work with actual film (who hasn't done digital video on a computer?), so this was an excellent learning experience.

This was filmed with a spring-wound Bolex camera on 16mm black and white reversal film. It took me 200 feet of film to get all the footage I needed, and took about 5 hours to edit down (by hand... with scissors and tape) to about the 60 foot (two minute) narrative we were required to do.

Editing Flim by Hand Editing Film by Hand

I was more worried about the exposure settings on the camera that some of the continuity of the clip isn't what I would have liked, but it's a fun little film :) It looks MUCH better projected... the film wasn't prepped for digital conversion.

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Mar 4 '07


Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Ducks at the Kohl Center Bucky at Bascom

Snow brings the creativity out of everyone.

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