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Nov 29 '06

007: Casino Royale

007: Casino Royale


Satisfying movie. The time passed well except only a couple of slow spots, maybe because the action was too rushed. Bond didn't do as much 'espionage' as I would have liked, as the movie tended to go right into the action.

And where were the gadgets? Yeah, not in the book, but I like gadgets! Also, not so sure about the title sequence.

Regardless, Daniel does a great job playing a child-like full-of-himself James Bond, and Judi does even a better job playing a really pissed off boss. She's hilarious!

It's worth checking out.

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Math Humor

I don't see why these aren't perfectly logical and correct answers.
(posted by unknown frustrated math students)

Find X


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Nov 17 '06

Media Temple Server Migration

I recently migrated to the new Media Temple Grid Server from my old and soon to be phased out 'Shared Server' plan over there.

Unlike normal hosting plans where you are placed on one shared server, my website is now hosted off a cluster of servers. This is an excellent idea, as I have had problems on shared servers in the past with other people writing crappy scripts and brining down the server I was on.

The migration process simply required the click of a couple buttons and less than 5 minutes of downtime, and went very smoothly. I was grandfathered into my old price (with just a little less bandwidth and storage than advertised) which was nice as well.

Now I have all the features of the Grid Server including the new (and improved... I love it!) control center, subversion, latest versions of LAMP and MySQL, and the protection of the grid.

The only downside was the path to my files changed, but it only took a few minutes to fix those in my scripts.

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Nov 12 '06

First Hockey Game

FINALLY went to my first UW-Madison Men's Hockey Game. What a blast! The (Herb) Kohl center is a beautiful venue, and there seemed to be so much energy at the game. Although I didn't catch on to all the cheers, they were much more... creative... than the football ones.

One of the best parts of the game? When band director Mike came and ripped up the newspapers of two guys who were sitting down instead of dancing along to the band. Too funny!

Am I going to try to go more this year? Yeah! Buy season tickets for next year? Definitely.

Students Cheering Kohl Center

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Nov 11 '06

The Prestige

The Prestige


I went and saw "The Prestige" last night. I went never hearing about it before, not knowing what it was about, and having no idea who was in it. I loved it. It's a story of two magicians, who after a horrible incident of a trick gone wrong, go from co-workers to bitter rivals. Their only goal is to out-do each other, figure out each other's tricks, through whatever cheating, lying, and trickery possible. For the first time in a while, I saw a really good story that doesn't insult the audience. You have to pay really close attention though, or you won't know what is going on. But it shouldn't be too hard-- the plot is fast paced; without any downtime. I highly recommend this movie. I'd see it again.

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Nov 9 '06

Mad Art VI

More spray paintings in the area:

Art is on the Streets
Outside my Apartment


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