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Another School Year Begins

Posted by Erik W on Oct 1, 2006 1:04 PM

Hey. I'm still alive.

At the beginning of August I started training for my job as Involvement Coordinator in one of the UW-Madison Residence Halls. Basically, I work with involved students to put on educational and social programming in the halls. It is a lot of fun, but very time consuming, which is why I haven't been able to update this much. However, things are winding down and you should see updates more often.

If you have visited before, I tweaked the layout a bit. Simplified things a lot so it is more usable on your end, and easier to keep up on mine. Leave any comments about it by clicking that link on the bottom of the entry.

Everything has been going well, except a couple of things that annoy me:

People don't read. Everyone is all up-in-arms about the Facebook Development Platform (saying that Facebook is using this to sell information), but nobody knows what it actually is. Facebook Development Platform is a way to allow ordinary people such as myself to program fun add-ons to Facebook, like map your friends or Billmonk. They aren't selling anything. And if I were to sign up to use the Facebook Development Platform for a website, I would never be able to obtain your contact information from your profile... ever. And simply, if you don't want a 3rd party developer to use your information for their application, DON'T USE IT.

People are oblivious to their surroundings. Some of the first-year students here still haven't figured out they need to walk across busy streets with their eyes open, head up, and iPod off. One frustrating thing are the large number of pedestrians walking down the bike lane next to University Square because the sidewalk is closed. I emailed the City of Madison who promptly put up "PEDESTRIANS PROHIBITED" (with a picture of a guy crossed out) and "BIKE LANE ONLY" (with a picture of a bike) signs at the entrance. People don't seem to see them, or they don't care. And they wonder why they keep getting hit by frustrated bikers, who don't care either.

Don't sit in an aisle seat of an empty row in a lecture hall. I fear this problem will never be solved.

I've also been emailing back and forth with the Athletic Department to do something about the horrible Student Section Football Lines. We'll see if they use any of my suggestions next weekend.

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