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Mar 31 '06


Mad Art III

More politically oriented art around campus:

On the side of Humanities facing State Street.


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Mar 30 '06

Film Festival, Day 1

Today was the first day of the Wisconson Film Festival. I saw Awesome, I Fuckin' Shot That!. It was a concert video of a Beastie Boys concert in Madison Square Garden. However, it wasn't your normal concert video. It was filmed by 50 randomly selected audience members who were handed cameras at the beginning of the show and were told to start filming when the lights go down and never stop. Very fast-paced, several cuts a minute. A few times they did a 50-way split screen to show all the cameras at once, which was pretty awesome to see. A few of the funny spots included one of the guys running (and going) to the bathroom, a drunk cameraman buying a beer, and another trying to sneak backstage. It was quite an interesting hour and a half.

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Mar 29 '06


Locking TI-83+ Calculator Programs

If you created a TI-83+ program using BASIC, and don't want others to be able to view or edit the code, you can lock it from appearing on the EDIT screen by using your computer.


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TI-83+ Password Protection

This is the most common question I get emails about, so here is how you password protect a TI-83+ calculator:
(It should also work on the TI-84+, although I haven't been able to personally test it)


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Mar 27 '06

German engineering in da house, Ya

... not exactly, but rather an engineering undergrad down the hall. Oh Snap.

Another Side View

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Mar 20 '06

Mad Art II

A follow up to a previous post.

The following were found between Sterling Hall and Van Vleck.
Van Vleck


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Google Page Creator

I finally got invited to help test the new Google Page Creator. This is an online page building tool to build simple pages to go with the 100MB of hosting Google provides. It's very easy to use, but not very powerful for those advanced users out there. This is definitely a web hosting service for your mom.

They provide a simple "file manager" where you can create simple pages based off of several templates, and the option of 1, 2, or 3 columns on your page.

Page Creator Snapshot

On the actual page, you have the simple text options such as bolding and underlining text, changing the color, font, and size and such. You can enter HTML within "blocks" on your page, but you can't enter custom code outside of that, and you can't move these blocks around without picking another template.

Page Creator Snapshot

You can check out the page I made. Also, check out the code. While it isn't 100% valid, it probably has to be the cleanest code by such a tool I've ever seen.

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Mar 6 '06