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Google and Censorship

Posted by Erik W on Feb 23, 2006 12:21 AM

I read a frustrating opinion piece in the Badger Herald today condemning the Google Censorship of in China. He said that all Google cares about is money and their shareholders, and don't care about the Chinese citizens who won't get full search results.

But here's the thing--- without Google censoring their own results, the Chinese government did it for them. The Google search engine became slow and unreliable due to the filters, and at times users were even being redirected to other government-run search engines. At this time, Google -- by far -- provides the best search results. Providing a fast, accurate search engine at, with just a few politically sensitive keywords censored, give users in China the ability to find more than they ever had before. Google is also up front about the censoring, and alerts users when their filters are censored. And the final thing is, the original uncensored-by-google search is still available.

I think it's better to have a fast, accurate, powerful search engine professionally censored by Google than to have an unreliable, poor searching, hack job of censorship search engine. If Google doesn't censor, the government will.

Google explains these same things in their weblog.

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