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Nov 12 '05

LDI Trade Show & Conference

ETC Booth

I just got back from the LDI Trade Show & Conference. It was really cool. I learned a lot about the newest in theatre technology, and they treated you with respect, regardless of age.

Some of the cool technology showcased:

* Tapered Top Hat by Apollo
* SeaChanger Color Changer for ETC Source 4s
* All of the LED lighting instruments
* LED Products by Main Light Industries (like the stuff used by U2)
* The Vista Lighting Board by Jands -- This had to be the coolest, most powerful, easiest to use lighting board I've ever seen. I want one.

... there was a lot more. I have a huge box full of brochures and such I got.

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Nov 6 '05

Some Entertainment

A couple funny things around campus lately:


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Nov 1 '05

Recent Fun

What a last couple of months.

The nighttime Michigan-Badger game has to be the best game I've ever been to.

Cap'n Kronsh's Crew put in a lot of hard work toward homecoming and it paid off. FIRST PLACE. Third year in a row. We rock!

Halloween however, not so fun. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I can now say I know what it feels like to get pepper sprayed. And it hurts. A lot.

T-House at the Michigan Game Coordinators

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