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Semester One Hightlights

Posted by Erik W on Dec 29, 2004 8:20 PM

I love madison! I had so much fun my first semester. Highlights include:

Nader 4.JPG
Nader came to Madison. He actually gave a really good speech. Yeah, I know Kerry came too but I missed both his rallies.

Rock the Vote
MTV's Rock the Vote came. But it didn't really rock. And it rained.

Our float.
Homecoming parade! It POURED but Kronshage ended up #1!

Crazy Turner Kids waiting weeks for Tickets
Crazy people waited outside for 2 weeks to get glass seats for the hockey games. I wasn't one of them.

T-House Cookout
T-House cookout! It was really cold... or at least I was.

Futon in the Hall
What is Craig's futon doing in the hall? Maybe he should lock his door...

Nate's Door
The girls upstairs decorated their doors with store bought crap. Nate and I thought this gave his door more of a festive look. That's my penguin in the lower-left corner. (Don't laugh!)

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